Premium Ready-to-Eat Dishes

To ensure that our customers can enjoy delicious and nutritious dishes at home, we offer a range of ready-to-eat dishes from Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee, including Huat Kee Ready-to-Eat Dishes and HAOS Ready-to-Eat Premium Abalone and Seafood Products. These ready-to-eat dishes showcase the exquisite and meticulous nature of Teochew cuisine.

HAOS Series

Mr. Lee Chiang Howe, sourcing abalone from different countries, skilfully crafts Candy Heart Abalone with unique techniques. Each piece of HAOS Candy Heart Abalone features a tender and juicy center, honey-like color, and enticing aroma. It boasts special textures, offering a delightful combination of softness, smoothness, and fragrance. Our vacuum-sealed products have no preservatives and can be stored at room temperature (around 25°C) for up to two years. They are safely shipped worldwide, including the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Ready-to-Eat Seafood Series

Our chef-specialty dishes, including abalone, sea cucumber, threadfin, and more, bring together carefully selected seafood from different countries, offering unique freshness and natural sweetness. Enjoy these culinary delights at home without the need for lengthy cooking. Each dish captures the essence of the ocean and showcases the exceptional culinary artistry of Teochew cuisine.

Ready-to-Eat Traditional Teochew Cuisine Series

Continuing the legacy of three generations, our traditional Teochew flavors like cold crab, threadfin, braised delicacies, and yam paste can be easily enjoyed by heating. Experience the rich history and comforting taste of home with our traditional Teochew cuisine.