Our tradition of food and hospitality began in 1969. We are a heritage brand that has been serving authentic Teochew cuisine for 3 generations in Singapore. Throughout the years, we have lived up to our promise of serving traditional Teochew cuisine.

We started from an outlet on the pavement of a coffee shop in Wayang Street and expanded to Ellenborough Market in the Teochew Heartland. In 1988, we had the opportunity to have an open-air restaurant at the then famous Gay World City, which could cater to diners in the evening. In 1993, conservation of Chinatown buildings was in full swing thus we moved to 76 Amoy Street. In 2003, we moved to 74 Amoy Street and expanded our premises to 73 Amoy Street, next door.
We made the move to RELC at 30 Orange Grove Road in 2015 as we saw an opportunity to move upmarket as well as to provide our clientele with a more comfortable dining experience.


从同济医院附近咖啡店的小摊位,到潮州心脏地带的爱伦坡巴刹档口,我们不断的扩大。1988年,潮州发记搬到当时著名的 [快乐世界] 经营。牛车水在1993年发展,所以我们搬迁到厦门街76号,设立了一家冷气酒楼。2003年我们搬到74号厦门街也扩展到73号希望顾客们能在一个舒适的环境下用餐,带给顾客们更好的服务。

2015年我们搬迁到RELC (语言中心二楼)是为了我们的顾客提高更舒适与高档的用餐环境。